Goat Island to Pakiri Beach
November, 8:45am. Duration: 6.75 hours.
$45 - includes bus transport and pizza lunch and drink at Leigh Sawmill Café.
Grade 5
Limited to 26

Many of us have looked at this stretch of coastline, but not many actually walk it. It is a beautiful bit of our environment and this is a fantastic chance to experience it with our guides and your friends. Not to mention pizza and craft beer as a reward at the end.

On arrival at Goat Island by bus, you could be lulled into a false sense of security as just below is a lovely beach with the rocks away in the distance. Low tide is at 11.30am so we will be well into our walk before the tide turns.

Once on the beach, there is a 10 to 15 min easy walk over soft sand to the beginning of the rocks.
Your walk on the rocks will be about 2½ hours. During this part of the walk you will have plenty of time to rest in some lovely sandy inlets and alcoves.

Extreme care must be taken at all times as the rocks will be wet and in some areas covered in a green slime and seaweed which makes for challenging walking. Size of the rocks varies considerably, so sturdy footwear is essential and be prepared to get your feet wet!! If the wind is strong, extra care must be exercised. This is a trek for agile walkers.

There will be time while on the rocks for light refreshments and a close look at the abundant creatures living in the littoral pools.

At the beginning of the beach section we will regroup and take a breather before heading off along Pakiri Beach. The beach walk will be about an hour. Take the time to talk to any surf casters who maybe around on a fine day. We can find time for a swim as well if you want to bring your togs.

Binoculars could be handy to take a close-up view of the plentiful bird life and islands in the distance.

When we come off the beach, we will regroup again before we take the bus back to the Sawmill Cafe & Bar for a well-earned lunch and thirst quencher.