Hauturu – Little Barrier Island . . . resting place of the winds
Monday 12 November, 7am. Duration: all day.
$205 - includes boat, accredited supervisor, DOC permit and lunch.
Grade 5 – Strict conservation conditions apply
Limited to 17 and separate written application process will apply.
Written applications will be accepted through this website, starting 9am, Monday 13 August and closing 5pm, Sunday 26 August. Watch this space.

We will ask you to write 100 words on the work that you do for the community, and anything that supports and links to conservation/environmental protection. Warkworth Walks will review and select 17 for the trip, giving preference to people passionate about the environment and who have not had the opportunity to visit Hauturu before. You can apply as a couple as we do not wish to split people up unnecessarily.

For most people this will be a unique opportunity to visit Little Barrier Island, Hauturu-o-Toi, an invaluable refuge for rare and endangered plants, birds and animals. The romance of this untouched natural sanctuary is told in the story of the wife of the last chief of Hauturu, Rahui Te Kiri, who, after the Crown passed legislation in 1894 to make Hauturu a Crown Reserve, twice swam back to the island.

The island is 22 km from Cape Rodney and to protect the island only 20 visitors can land and we
must follow strict biosecurity conditions. Landings are difficult on the wet, smooth boulders, so
walkers must be agile and have suitable footwear for both the landing and tramp that follows.
This walk package includes your DOC permit, transport to and from the island and a boxed
lunch. This year we will be leaving from Sandspit.

Landings on Hauturu are only possible during certain weather conditions. We have a reserve day
of Friday 16th November so when booking you must ensure that you are available on both these days. If weather forces us to cancel on both days, we will refund the boat and lunch portion of your fee ($150 approx.) but not the balance which includes the DOC fee and overheads.

Hauturu Biosecurity
It could spell disaster for many of the rare indigenous species if new diseases or pests got to Little Barrier Island. In particular DOC Officers will be looking for weed seeds and soil on boots, clothing etc. For this reason, strict biosecurity conditions will be followed, including:

  • Packing, checking and sealing all personal gear in a rodent-free area at DOC's Warkworth quarantine room immediately prior to departure.

  • Unpacking all personal gear in the island's quarantine store immediately on arrival on the island.

  • Taking all rubbish with you when you depart, including unwanted food such as apple cores, unwanted fillings from sandwiches, etc. As an example do NOT have cucumber (live seeds) as a filling in your sandwiches, they are not permitted on the island.

More detailed biosecurity information will be supplied upon issue of your permit. DOC biosecurity staff will turn away any supplies or people that do not comply with permit conditions.

Because of landing difficulties, visitors must be:

  • at least 14 years of age.

  • physically able. If you have any doubts whatsoever about your physical ability then this walk is not for you.

  • wearing suitable clothing and sturdy footwear. For landing, wear shoes that will give support and full protection for your feet if you slip on the wet rocks. You can then change into tramping boots for the walk. Bare feet, jandals and sandals are not suitable for landing or walking.

  • willing to help unload supplies and not be worried about getting wet on arrival. Unsuitable clothing and attempts to keep dry on arrival make landing more difficult and dangerous for others. Landings are on slippery boulders and you will get wet.

What to bring:

  • Appropriate clothing, including a raincoat and sturdy footwear. (See note above).

  • Water bottle (1-2 litres).

  • Approved snacks.

Because of the risk of invasion by pests, visitors are not permitted to take their own day packs to
Hauturu. Your gear will be packed into fish bins during your biosecurity check, which will
then be sealed and not opened again until you are in the quarantine store on the island. The Island Ranger will advise when it is ok to open the bins and will provide you with day packs to
use during your visit.

Anything you want kept dry should be sealed against immersion in salt water, either in plastic bags or a water tight container.

Tracks on the Island are not formed as you would expect from a DOC track on the mainland so you require robust footwear (preferably tramping boots) and a high level of fitness and agility.

Special biosecurity note:
The pre-walk bio security inspection will take place at 7:00 a.m. at the Warkworth DOC Office
at 12/30 Hudson Road, Warkworth (Ph:425-7812) on the day of our departure. If you are late, or if your gear is dirty or unsuitable for the day, we are sorry but you will not be able to go to Hauturu.

Ensure that all your footwear has been scrubbed clean, and that there are no seeds in socks, velcro, etc. We cannot emphasise enough that all conditions must be adhered to.

We must create a DOC Visitor’s ID for every person going to the island. You will therefore need to send to us before 13th September a copy of your passport, driver’s license or firearms license. The copies do not need to be certified. You will be reminded of this condition when you book. If you are not a New Zealand citizen then you must provide us with a copy of your passport.

If you have to withdraw from this trip for any reason, we are sorry but we cannot give refunds.

For more information, please go to this DOC web site.

Thanks to Ngati Manuhiri Te Hapu. Hauturu is a special part of their rohe.